Italian Style of Casting

Italian Style of Casting is a unique casting and fishing style. Massimo has made available to all fishermen the possibility of downloading the video/course to learn this extraordinary and useful style of casting.
Massimo who is one of the most important Italian instructors of this style, has made available to all fishermen the possibility of downloading the video/course to learn this extraordinary and useful style of casting.

Online Course Details:

Number of Lessons: 22
Course Runtime: 2 Hours+
Free Lessons: 2 (available on this page)

If you spend any time at all fly fishing on rivers, you will always find the fish in the exact spot where you can’t cast your fly! Casting Italian Style will allow you to put your fly right on the end of its nose.

Massimo Magliocco, who is one of the most talented Italian instructors of this style, shows you how in this video course which contains 22 video lessons for you to watch at your leisure.

Don’t ever again walk past that fish that’s confidently feeding tight up to the bank, and under a tree. Using the Italian Style Casting techniques will give you the skills to target fish that were out of reach before.

Easy To Follow Video Lessons

Massimo Magliocco takes you through all of the basics of Italian Style Casting, building ‘from the ground up’ each cast. Showing you the dynamics which make up the cast. Including when and where to use each one.

Casts For All Scenarios

From the basic ‘Italian Style’ casts to the more complex, each cast has its place on the river. Massimo shows you each cast in detail. From the Superimposed cast to the Totally Under The Tip cast these videos take you step-by-step through each one.

Leader Construction

Fishing with faster rods needs a specialist leader. Massimo explains how to build your own specialised ‘italian style’ looped leader. Perfect for reducing drag when fishing in faster water.

Massimo is the Technical Director of FFM  UK and he is one of the most talented fly fishermen in Italy

Massimo Magliocco (who was a student of Roberto Pragliola), with his 35 years of experience has become a point of reference in fly casting in Italy and abroad. He collaborates with some of the most important fishing magazines like tthe Italian Fly Fishing, Fly Line and Pescare and also for the British Fly Fishing & Fly Tying and for the American “American Angler”. He has written a book called “Dry Fly Fishing in fast water” in English language, a book  which comes with a tuition DVD. He has also published two videos, “The Italian Style of Casting” a real visual manual on casting and “The Specific casts for Fly Fishing” both in English Language  that are having a very big successful among British and American fly fishermen. Today Massimo is a technical consultant and marketing spokesperson for Maxia Rods and the Atomsix Rods for which he has designed various equipment. Besides he is also the Aleka’s Pro Team Director for which he designed the Aleka X2 series.