Ghibli Knotted Leader

Ghibli Knotted Leaders have the percentages between Power, Taper and Tippet, equal to 36% – 36% – 28% developed by Massimo Magliocco. These leaders end up with a micro-Loop to which the fisherman can tie the Tippet, not included intentionally, which he desires both in length and thickness, from 0.10 to 0.15, so as to be real modular leaders . The measures are 2.70m, 3.60, and 5.00m, total lengths with the Tippet adapted to the needs of the fisherman. Latest generation memory-free nylon. For the Tippet we recommend the use of Fluorocarbon which helps to break the surface film and avoid dredging of the Tippet itself. All the Modular leaders of the Ghibli series are produced in Italy. 2,70m – 3.60m – 5.00m