Dry Fly fishing courses

Dry Fly fishing
Dry Fly fishing tuition
Most of fly fishermen who use dry fly, have two big problems, casting and fishing only when the trout are feeding on surface of the water.

We organize dry fly fishing courses directly on the river and not on the lawn. because we believe that only on the river you can learn casting and fishing in the best way.

I and my instructors, fishing only dry fly, this means that we know very well this kind of technique. During our courses, we will teach you:

1) recognize the currents of the water. Just when you know them and know which is the one that gives us lot of problems, you know how manage your casts.

2) division of the flat into four parts according to the priorities of attack

3) recognize the food path

4) the choice of the fly and its proper manage

5) the proper equipments

Watch the video below, although it is in Italian, you can understand well what it means.