Ghibli Looped Leaders

Leaders of revolutionary conception. Designed as if they are a chain with all monos not knotted together but free to move according to the thrusts of the water, these leaders are the best for fishing in rough waters. The mono are joined together by two micro-loop which, as mentioned, act as a real hinge, making them free to adapt to the water currents. They are also modular as they give the fisherman the possibility of joining a Tippet ranging from 0.10 to 0.15, not included deliberately, to the micro-loop placed at the end of the taper, of variable length depending on the fisherman’s skills and of the rivers in which you fish. The various percentages between Power, Taper and Tippet are the now famous 36% – 36% – 28% developed by Massimo Magliocco. Only one measure of 5.00 meters as smaller measures would not be able to satisfy the peculiarities that this leader has in fighting dredging. Latest generation memory-free nylon. For the Tippet we recommend the use of Fluorocarbon which helps to break the surface film and avoid dredging of the Tippet itself. All Ghibli Modular Leaders are made in Italy. Only measure of 5,00m